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Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their Typewriter Factory experience.


My experience with Typewriter Rentals was amazing. They responded promptly, knew what they were talking about, and made sure to find out exactly what my needs were so they could match me with the best possible typewriter. I was incredibly impressed with their customer service, and my overall experience.

Thank you!

Katie    25-Jan-2017  
Very satisfied  
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You saved my bacon! Not sure where else I would have found so many working machines to satisfy such an exact demand. They looked great on set. See you soon...Testimonial *

Author *M. Yost    02-Dec-2016  
Perfect prop  

Appreciated the advice and help in finding the exact prop we needed for our event. Would gladly recommend you to others in our industry. Cheers!Testimonial *

Author *William K.    24-Oct-2016  
Great Resource!  
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Thanks for all your help. The rental was perfect for our needs and the typewriters exactly what we had hoped for. I'm looking forward to working with you again.

Dale Winslow    13-Sep-2016  
Thank You  

Great selection and service, I will recommend you to anyone I know who has any typewriter needs.Testimonial *

Jen B.    21-Nov-2016  


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